We want you to know everything about us.

Meet our Owners

John & Diana Dix


John is the CEO of Tarsus Foods, the mother ship of cafes, drive-thrus, bakery, and gas stations. He’s been with us since the beginning of our cafes, September 2009. He brings an expectation that we reach for the stars as we ground ourselves in reality. His favorite thing about From the Hearth is that we care. We care about each other, our customers, and our products.

Diana is the our Director of Cafe Development, and has been since May 2018. She is responsible for evolving our restaurants' menus and design. She is passionate about the details, as well as infusing creativity and excellence into our company. Her favorite thing about From the Hearth is that this company has heart!

Jonah & Natalie Mills


Jonah Mills is the President of Tarsus Foods, Inc. He’s been with us since November 2009, though he started as a delivery driver. His job is to encourage and support our teams and keep us focused on our goals as a company. He has a  desire to make our work about people, and not confuse the two. His favorite thing about From the Hearth is how everyone feels ownership at, even the customers. Also, the fries!

Natalie Mills is our Social Media Director, and has been since May 2018. She overlooks our social media accounts, creates engaging and beautiful posts, and communicates with our customers through those platforms. She adds to the team by being detail-oriented and finding the most efficient solutions to problems we run into. Her favorite thing about From the Hearth is the warm and safe culture we have created for both our employees and our customers.

Jon Watson


Jon is the CFO and co-owner of Tarsus Foods. He has been working for us since May 2012. His job includes bringing connection, correction, and development of management staff, as well as organize/study financial information for internal and external decision making.  

He adds to our team by bringing a passion and dedication to learn and grow himself and our company. He have a strong knowledge of our overall operations, good attention to detail, and a desire to see himself, our staff, and our company grow into greatness. His favorite thing about From the Hearth is our commitment to saying what needs to be said, especially when it comes to the professional relationships in our company. We aim to confront the hard issues as quickly and respectfully as possible, and that creates a safe space for our employees to learn and grow.

Meet our Management

Bryan Russ


Bryan Russ is our Bakery Manager. He has been on our team since October 2014. He brings attention to detail and a drive for improvement. His favorite aspect of From the Hearth is the commitment to our community. We treat each other and customers like family and bring us together through our food.

Jeff Keene


Jeff is our culinary manager. He’s been with us since September 2014. His job is to control cost and waste, as well as continually develop our delicious recipes. What he brings to the table is hard work, exceptional leadership and creative flavors. His favorite thing about From the Hearth is the positive, constructive, loving, and hard-working people. He says it’s “the very definition of a good community.”

Ryan Manley


Ryan is the General Manager at Market St.Cafe, and has been since July 2016. His job is to inspire, lead, and provide a positive and healthy influence in a fast-paced, exciting, and fun environment. He brings a level of culinary professionalism and integrity to our team. His favorite part about From the Hearth is the puzzle that we as a team are. All of us, with our different assets and strengths continually coming together to form what is becoming an amazing picture to look at.

Josh McKnew


Josh is the General Manager of our College View Cafe. He has been with us since July 2014. His job is to manage all aspects of the cafe on a day-to-day basis, manage and inspire employees to execute our vision, and maintain a family atmosphere for our staff and our customers to feel safe and cared for. He brings a strong work ethic, consistency, and an analytical mind. His favorite thing about From the Hearth is the company culture, the vision for our future, and the great team we have in management and our employees.